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Monday, October 18, 2010

Big Brands are catching on

Time for my broken record blog. Big Brands are catching on. I have continually blogged about this time and time again. the 80/20 rule applies to domains. 80 percent of the value of Generic Dotcom Domain Names are the brand value to an end user, be it a VC, start up, entrepreneur, or big brand. The parking revenue, natural traffic is BS. This week I saw 2 more examples. John Hancock, one of the largest insurance companies, marketed the domain and website “” on prime time TV during the MLB Baseball playoffs, and, during the NFL Monday Night Game. Kraft Foods promoted a great cause under the domain “”.
At, we continue to email our newsletter subscribers with offers of domains at 20 cents on the dollar. Our average selling price at SimpleDomains remains over $13,000 per domain to end users. We are offering domains as low as $3500 via our newsletter, at steep discounts off the end user price.
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